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Relaxation - Adopt the pace of the région

Traditional markets and brocantes (antique or second-hand markets)
Would you enjoy scouting around for that perfect antique vase in a vide-grenier (literally « empty the attic ») community street sale ? Sampling olive oils at a traditional market ?
All year long, in the many Small villages évents of this kind proliferate, thus offering you the opportunity to get to know the local people.

Beaches : Only 30 min away, Cannes offers privilegied access to the mediterranean. Wheter on private beaches, areas with supervised swimming or Small isolated coves, on the fine sand or perched atop a boulder, you are one with the sea.

Flower festival : Every two years, at Pentecost, thousands of flowers and flowering bushes cover the Streets and squares of Seillans. The village becomes a génuine floral paradise, offering a riot a colours and fragrances, inspiring musicians, painters, sculptors, and other participants.

Pottery market on 15 August : The largest évent of its kind in the Var, this market held every year in Seillans provides a venue for all forms of expression in clay : utilitarian or décorative pièces, faiences, slipware, raku, stoneware, porcelain, but also jewellery, sculptures –the entire poetic range of local artisans.

Grasse : Discover the secrets of the perfume makers. Just 30km from the hotel, the international perfume muséum at Grasse set up by the world-leading perfume factories in this médiéval town guides you throught the mysterious alchemy of perfume production, from the harvest to the finished product.

Saint Tropez : The Bay of Saint Tropez bursts with the vibrant moods and colours of the Riviera and makes an idea day trip (57km each way) while staying at the hotel. Discover this unique and varied site, immortalised by many celebrated painters, a favourite ressort destination of the international jet set beginning in the 1950s, its colourful old town with its bustling little squares and narrow Streets, its boutiques and cafés, the pétanque matches on the Place des Lys, among other delights.

The Biot gallery : Biot is famous for its handblown glass. Just 50 min from the hotel, Watch as the molten material is slowly transformed over an open flame. Unique artistic pièces arise from the masterful combination of deft hand movements and finely managed blowing techniques. From everyday objects to muséum pièces, each création emerges as if by magic, before your very eyes.

Experience the immensity and primal beauty of nature.

Gorges du Verdon :
This enormous gash formed in the massive upheaval that created the Alp sis famous for it’s magnificent gorges or canyons shaped over millions of years by the Verdon river, reaching depths as gréât as 700m, and for its scenic lookout points offering remarkable panoramic views of the river and the surrounding countryside. Beginning at the village of La Palud, just 1h from the hotel, follow the winding Route des Crêtes and then the Corniche Sublime to encircle the entire upper canyon and enjoy breathtaking views from both banks of the river.

Sainte Croix Lake :
This vast expansé of turquoise water, over 10km in length and 3km in width, is located just 60km from the hotel. Choose your pleasure from among the many activities offered in this impressive natural environment : sun-bathing or swimming at the beach of the Pont du Galetas, water sports at Sainte Croix du Verdon, at Sales sur verdon or Bauduen, fishing, not to mention rambling along the patchwork of lovely trails.

Saint Cassien lake :
Located 15km from the hotel at the heart of the Esterel massif, this artificial lake coverong 470 hectares created in 1966 is a picturesque spot, with steep banks covered by Small coves, water sports centres and cafés. Do you fancy pétanque, fishing, peddle boating or just lolling on the beach ? Set your own itinerary !