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The art of life at hotel
The foutain and the little yellow drawing room
The village

The foutain and the little yellow drawing room

Relaxing by the fountain
The gentle song of the cicadas emanating from the surrounding hills, the murmur of the Fontaine d’Amont, the rustling of the plane trees, the mellifluously chiming Church bells marking the hours… Close your eyes and drink in this spécial moment. Enjoy a breakfast, snack or meal at the heart of an authentic Provencal village, having survived into the présent with its charm intact.

An evening in the little yellow drawing room Family furniture, artists’ Works, an interasting collection of books, objects selected with care, intimate lighting, a warm and subdued atmosphère, soft music… In this room impregnated with family’s history, take the time to enjoy each and every pleasure. After having enjoyed a refined meal, retire to the drawing room to savour a cigar, catch up on some Reading, converse with other guests or simply to bask in a moment of tranquility.