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The art of life at hotel
The foutain and the little yellow drawing room
The village

L’Hôtel des 2 Rocs

”The Art of living at Hotel des deux Rocs ”

Ensconced in the upper portion of the médiéval village of Seillans, opposite the two famous rocks, the résidence is a former private home built in the 17th century that once belonged to Scipion, knight of the Flotte d’Agout. Facing the square graced by majestic plane trees overhanging the Fontaine d’Amont, this bastide reflects the authentic character of a Seillans village house.

Julie and Nicolas Malzac have drawn on their combined years of expérience in luxury accommodation (In Paris at the hotel Lancaster following the installation of its new restaurant by Michel Troisgros, in Lyon with Paul Bocuse, at the Cour des Loges and at the Château de Bagnols, with Michel Guérard in Eugénie-les-Bains, among other legendary establishments) in order to preserve the spirit of this lovely family résidence, while providing a level of quality meeting, if not surpassing, the expectations of discerning guests. From the sélection of the interior décoration to the refinement of amenities and services, Julie and Nicolas Malzac bring passion and perfectionism to all aspects of their offering, to ensure that their guests will fully expérience the charm of this unique hotel.