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The art of life at hotel
The foutain and the little yellow drawing room
The village

The village of Seillans

Sprounting from its fragrant hilltop, surrounded by olive groves, the village of Seillans bears witness to a past intimately linked to the Saracen invasions of tje 10th century. A few stones still remain from the walls that once wrapped around the entire hill town. Over the centuries, houses were built in tiers with the stone beneath them, thus seeming to grow out of the rock, from the distance creating a mosaic in shades of grey and honey-gold spotted with the pink of their roof tiles. As you wander the narrow, cobblestone Streets, here a sculpted façade, there an ancient door or basrelief bring legends to life, speak of sacred and secular traditions. Its central square shaded by hundred-year-old plane trees, their gentle rustling accompanied by the peaceful whispering of the Fontaine d’Amont, Seillans epitomises the true douceur de vivre of Provence. The village’s charm has inspired many artists, including Max Ernst who lived here for a number of years, or more recently the photographer Doisneau. This is the intimate and authentic setting, in a village recognised as one of the most beautiful in France, where Hotel des Deux Rocs invites you to discover the sweetness of life in the upper Var.